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Five roles of clearing and forwarding agents in kenya

  1. Clearing agents are companies solely licensed as an intermediary entity between customs department and importers and exporters

Clearing companies are licensed actors between a client and the government department that handles tax revenues. They are mandated by the government  department to act on their behalf and get direct contact with importers and exporters. This helps the revenue collecting department to deal with few entities in export and import market

2.    They handle documentation on our behalf

Customs agents are mandated to assist their clients in submitting import and export documents. Submission is done electronically to the tax man for further processing and release of the cargo. Documents required for purposes of clearing your goods are:

  • Commercial invoice
  • Packing list
  • Transportation documents (if necessary)
  • Manifest
  • License (permit)
  • Certificate of origin
  • Insurance certificate


3. Pay import or export tax duty and other taxes on behalf of importer/exporter

Clearing agents have access to customs management system which captures documentation, verifies authenticity and provides permission for the customs agents to proceed with payments of customs duty amount for the client. These amounts are wired through bank account owned by the revenue department. Once payment is confirmed by the receiving end, a confirmation is sent electronically and the cargo is released.




4. Clearing agents assist in forwarding our cargo

Before we export our goods to our destination country, we need a shipper. Clearing agents double as freight forwarding agents, in some cases, they handle your shipments and act as an intermediary between you and the shipper. They pay shipping charges for you whilst dealing with other logistics of transferring your cargo to its destination port or airport.



5. Selection land Transportation services for your cargo

After your goods have been cleared from port and the shipper’s dues settled, you need a transporter to deliver your goods to your commercial or residential destination. Clearing/customs agent helps you select a reliable transporter who has the requisite insurance cover and indemnity to deliver your goods.


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